Thursday, July 31, 2003

Don't you hate it when you lose a blog post. Specially one you just spent hours writing. Grr...

I am now a skills coach at work which means I will spend at least 50% of my time off the phone helping others. Which at least shows I am appreciated. I have found florwalking means I get to have a little laugh while I work. One of Angela's stories of drunken night in police cell made me laugh till tears were streaming down my faces. It's the way she tells em!

Went out last night with Zoe, John, Elliot, Laura, Matt, Lucy and random blonde girl. We all went to the Leas Club, which was good. Zoe mentioned going to Brighton Pride. I got a tad over excited again!

Why do conservatives take homosexuality so seriously? I know this sounds rude but... what on Earth does it have to do with them if I go to Hell or not? Are they just concerned for my well being? Why are people who are supposed to believe in personal freedom and ending the Nanny state so keen to annoy me into getting my shotgun? See here and here for examples of the interfereing Nannies at work. Guys, you need to get REAL jobs!

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