Monday, July 07, 2003

Gotta be quick.

OK so on Saturday Gareth came and picked me up from my house, we drove down into Dover where we, joined the end of Dover Carnival, found the end of Dover (it really exists), and then went and got a McDonalds up in Whitfield. I stayed over his, and had a great time as always.

Sunday he dropped me off at the zoo where Zoe meet me, and using her free mum's free ticket (thanks Steph!) we went round Port Lympne, and I pronounced every animal as cute. It was fun. Zoe saw some honey comb... persuaded her against buying it after the London hyper incident.

Then we headed to Gee's where John joined us, I annoyed everyone with my jukebox selections. After a brief fish and chips trip we got bored and headed off to Blockbusters. For a place with so many videos it sure has very little to offer.

Then we went for a drive. To be cont....


And that's how we ended up in Tenterden at quarter to eight on a Sunday evening. OK so that is pretty random even for us. But Tenterden was most cool. Really nice. Had a drink in the White Lion Inn, then came home thru the fog.

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