Monday, July 21, 2003

I'm Under Your Curse Now

Today was very, very busy. Basically, in laymans terms normally the phone lines are "dammed" to meet industry standards. Today they opened that dam and a flood of calls came in... I took 150% more calls than normal!! Tomorrow is my first day being "floorwalker" (senior agent). I am most trepiditious. Wish me luck.

Thanks to Forceful and Moderate for the heads up. And the nice words, after that nasty Conservative hate piece. He he...

After work went and sat in Mum's office with her and Debbie-Debs, which as always was surreal. Those two are weird! Did the shopping with Mum, saw Zoe at work, and then had a curry. Mmm....

Things I forgot in last post... Wednesday I also saw Emily and Suzanne from Eurotunnel which was cool. Saturday... Gareth invented a new language... had twelve words last I checked.

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