Monday, July 14, 2003

Ladies Wot Lunch

After work on Saturday I went home, and got ready for Gareth. He came and picked me up, and we went to Manston Tesco's, which is a kind of regular thing. We go oogle the staff, and buy essentials (like banana milkshake flavoured doughnuts, and Pepsi Max). Had as always a great time.

Sunday we stopped off on the way back to my place at De Olde Dukes Heads (I think that was the name) in Deal and had a pint. Some very nice men there... mmm.... (note to readers Deal is near Royal St. Georges where Tiger Woods will be shortly to play the Open. And Zoe has told me a rumour that Justin *breath* Timberlake will be doing some commentary there... *swoon*)

Got home and within 10 minutes Zoe and John arrived to collect me. We picked up Elliot and headed to the Leas Club, had a drink, got a choc shake from McDonalds, then went back to Leas Club for some jukebox funnage. Matt arrived.... haven't seen him in yonks. Had an ok night, and Zoe, graciously gave me a lift home.

Today was back to work again... worse luck! But was given a task to buddy up with Peter for a day and a half, and train him up. Was rather pleased they asked me to do that, hope I can help him. Shows they trust me with other people! Pay day tomorrow... yay!

Went to lunch with Mum today, as her new office is just behind mine. Nice and spanky it is too, but she is a Director now so she deserves it!

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