Sunday, July 20, 2003

Wednesday was a very good day. My monthly evaluation went well which was grrreat. I have been asked to be Senior Agent for a week in two weeks time, which was quite a compliment (compliments were the theme of this day!)

After work I was to meet up with Stacey at Spoons at 7.30pm. So that left me an hour and a half to kill. I wandered up Cherry Garden Avenue and on a whim took a turn into the council playing fields behind my old school. Why? I just felt it was the right way to go. As I wandered up the alley by the football ground I almost literally bumped into one of my old crushes. How bizarre I thought. But this was to set another theme for the evening. I stopped by Safeways to say hi to Zoe, then headed for Skuba for a pint, phoned Gareth and then moved down to Spoons. Stacey arrived and I remembered how much fun she is! Chris, a boy from work who was also in my year at
school arrived, followed by Patricia and David.

After some wierd conversations, I went down stairs to find some people from school were also there... Bruce, Sam, Lee, Terry and others. Chris had told them I was gay, thus I had to put up with them chatting about it for awhile. We headed for Mustangs, ran away from there as kareoke was so awful. Headed down to Indigo where I saw Annie, Gem, and Zoe G as well as got a heads up from Sam Haggar. Patricia pole danced on top of speakers, and we got told off by bouncers.

Thursday I went out with Zoe, Gem and John to Ashford Bowling (I lost) and then to Ashford Spoons, where we say Dave Cartlidge, most random.

Friday Gareth came and picked me up and we went to his house which was nice.

Weekend went downhill from there on in. Got train from Ramsgate to Canterbury and spent Saturday in town with Stephen (my ex) bought Laura her birthday present (Red Hot Chilli Pepper's album) and stuff. Spent most of down lounging in Bar 11, West Bar (with Ste's mate Paul) and also searching Fenwicks for a guy Ste fancied. Found him in high street with random girl. Saw Ste's folks... very scary. Went back to Ramsgate, cooked a horrible meal for Gareth. Sorry. :o( Then we got ready for trip to Canters, drove in, went to Thomas Inglesby and Bar 11. Jon joined us, then we headed to a new club night Girls And boYs. It was ok. Not very good, but what with my encroaching dark mood it held up its own I spose. Not ever going again tho unless it improves. Saw Ste, Paul, and random lesbian I used to know. Sunday Gareth took me to Lauras via Bar 11

It was Lauras BBQ and it was most nice, spent time lounging on grass. Peps there were Laura (our hostess), Sophie (our wonderful salad experts), John, Zoe, Zoe G, Lucy (as in Lucy Langleys Party Infamy) and Lauras rather cute mate Stephan. Most jolly time. But as per rest of weekend my taxi got sent to wrong place... grr...

Then got home to find my transaction had been cancelled for Mardi Gras tickets, making me look like a right fool, and I had no money to buy anymore. Grr... grr... and double bloody grr...

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