Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Waiting For The Soldier To Come Back Again

Today is the 50th anniversary of the "end" of Korean War. 1078 British solider gave their lives in that war. Hundreds of thousands of lives were scarred or ended by that conflict on both sides. I hope today the Koreans can move on soon, and that wars like that one never need occur again.

I have never understood why anyone would want to start a war. How can anything get to the point where you want to snuff out the existence of other people? For all we know when you die; that's it. No Get Out Of Jail Free Card. So why would you wanna risk the lives of anyone? It's craziness. War isn't just Hell. It's pointless, stupid, unnessary, arrogant, and certainly goes against anything that is good, just, honest, decent.

Sometimes I despair in the human race.

And sometimes my heart swells with hope for the future. Canadians should be proud!

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