Thursday, July 24, 2003

Monk, With French's

Mmm... having lovely evening, just watched the Monk TV Movie. Love that show. While eating hot dogs with French's (scary how much of a closet American I can be!). Do I know too much about American culture?? Answers in my comments box...

Note to self: must visit San Francisco as soon as possible.

Anyhew... am so desperate to visit somewhere new and exciting... will have to wait for next pay day I know... but I could really do with spreading my wings for a couple of days in somewhere very random!

Did some floorwalking today. Realised I have spent more time off phone this week than on it. Amazing.

Day off tomorrow...

Just checked a few of my links, amended some. Sad to see so many "dead blogs". :o( If you want me to amend your link let me know.

Now straw poll time... if you read this say hello in my comments, or I shall set the boys on ya (those are the ugly boys before you get excited).

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