Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Summer day

Zoe and John came and picked me up this morning and we headed off on a Hastings trip. Found a village called Icklesham... how cute is that.... although it seemed not so ickle to me. Anyhew...

Hastings was cool, we parked, got some fish'n'chips, and ate them on the beach. We were surrounded by seaguls, but we fought them off with nasty looks. Saw scary man who seemed to be singing a melody of songs in a Vic reeves stylee. After that we played Crazy Golf, which I was thrashed at.... I blame being distracted by topless men. But I was the only one to get a hole in one! Yay!

We moved on to Underwater World (formerly the Sea Life Centre) where my fave exhibits were the Angel Shark (ooo... very good) and the Cuttlefish (me love them!).

We wandered up to the shopping centre and while waiting outside of New Look for Zoe me and John noticed something going on at Boots, all the customers were leaving. Then the doors started to come down... just before they cut of all sounds we heard a man shout very loudly.... "Help! Their hurting me! Call the police!" Eek....

We got a drink from Mcdonalds, headed back to the beach, then after wandering the streets in search of sweets we went up one road... I decided we should try to cut across to the next street... this took far longer than I expected!! But anyway...

Got to a Spoons (my ninth.. altho found out one man has visited 618... a tad overdoing it I think) where I got a phone call from Ste checking up my Mardi Gras plans, then one from Gareth, saying hi... two calls in a row... very cool!

So we headed home, and Zoe got out a frisbee and we spent an hour throwing it around on the field near my house... my aim left much to be desired..... he he..

Been a good day... thanks Zoe and John!!!

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