Thursday, May 01, 2003

Every Day, When I Wake Up, I Thank The Lord I'm Gay

It was the fourth anniversary yesterday of the Admiral Duncan bombing. Caused by a racist and homophobic militant.

Today is the day of elections to the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and to local councils across England. I hope you all went out and voted with your hearts for something you believed in. Not just out of sense of obligation or long standing party loyalty. And also, to any readers in areas where the BNP are standing, I hope you made sure your vote was to stop them from getting in. Well voting for the BNP couldn't exactly be called a matter of the heart now could it??

Here is how I see it: The BNP are fascists. Our country fought a costly war in the forties against the fascist dictatorships of Europe and Asia, during which many of our own lost their lives. It is patriotic to support ones country. Thus support for the BNP is grossly unpatriotic. Sure I can see some major flaws with this argument. But you go round to all those people likely to vote BNP and tell them that and they'd be falling over themselves to lynch BNP candidates (please note I only support the lynching of BNP activists after a fair mob trial *joke*)

I was supposed to go out with Becky today but have cancelled as I don't have the cash to do that! Hopefully I shall get my unused holiday pay from Brook Street (my last temp agency) tomorrow *crosses fingers and hopes*

Oh it's May Day today. Yay! That age old festival where young people dance around the May Pole-iceman is surely being played out as I write.

Again, no Guardian available at Roger and Barbara's (it's the Broadmead Village shop just down the road from work. I used to be a paper boy there) ... grrr... but did give me a chance to read the Folkestone Herald whose sports pages (not of course that I ever read said pages) were filled with news of the brilliance of MT. Well I could of told them that!! It is scary how I always read the Heralds sports pages first.

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