Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Just Say No

Today at work was sheer bliss. I was training most of the day, and answered only about 20 calls (that is none! in last 11 months have answered 22 000 calls!!)... yay!!

I have come to a decision. There are some guys I meet on the web, who are far too pushy about meeting me. It really gets on my nerves. And when I say "No, I don't want to meet you just yet." They say "Oh I see, you don't like me, oh dear me, my life is crap... yadder yadder yadder..." so from now on... I am just going to say "Not until I want to meet you.... or fuck off."

I go on the net to chat about stuff... mostly non-sex stuff as well (don't all faint, most of my conversations are just silly!). I don't go on there to find a shag, or to make new and wonderful friends. If I do make some cool friends and meet them.. Great!! But I have a life in the real world and that is my main outlet for friends and lovers etc.

I am sick to death of users, and low lifes and scum who mess with my head. And I don't want anyone reading this who is one of my OUT chat mates to go "Oh God he is evil... how could he say this about me??" I don't mean you!

If you haven't recieved a message in your inbox to say "You are a plonker, leave me alone" then I think you're a really cool person who makes me smile!! Loves ya all!!

I know it sounds like I am over reacting.. but you should see my bloody OUT inbox... old men after young boys mainly.

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