Saturday, May 10, 2003

I have found a great site about The X-Men. It rocks arse.... he he...

Also saw yet another episode of the strange detective show I saw round Jon's. It's called Monk. Tis most wierd in a groovy kind of way.

God my family are stupid. Uncle David split up with his girlfriend today. And suddenly it's a major drama in which Mum and Martine must get involved and obviously blame everyone.... Uncle David, Auntie Jill (ex wife), my cousins, Kim (girlfriend).... why?? What possible bearing does David and his girlfriends relationship have on their lives? All they, the people interfering, seem to care about is that they get back together and return to the status quo. News flash! Not all relationships work out. Some are meant to be short and sweet. And in any case, how long they last depends on the two ADULTS involved. I am 19 and am I the only one to see this? I hope when I am their age I can act with tenderness, understanding and forgiveness in such simple everyday situations (you'd think that no one had ever had a failed relationship before the way it's being treated).

Pam and Pete, the resident chippies in Snodland are taking over the Corner Plaice for a while. Small world! Melly used to work for them, and I can remember hours spent in their house, while nan cleaned it.

Sam offered me a part in the Lib Dem Youth wing thingy today.... most cool....

I haven't seen MT in sssssooooo long.... am practically dying here!!

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