Monday, May 19, 2003

There's A Lot Of Pretty, Pretty Ones

I went to work today, suffering from blocked ears, and was informed of what I got up to on Friday.... must have suffered major black out or something!!!

Hmm. One day my prince will come and take me from this house and I'll never need to return here. One day. When did I stop caring about all my family?? It went from being one of the closest families I knew of to being even closer after Smelly Mels (luv ya) died, but with me feeling more isolated than ever. Sometimes I think that if I were financially secure and in my own place I wouldn't think about this lot much ever again. Cruel and shallow. But true.

I miss Melly, I miss thinking that my family respected and loved me. But I have come to realise that although I am capable of unconditional love, my love for my family depends mostly on how they treat me. If they treated me decently and with care I do the same to them. But they don't. Or I don't feel like they do. SO please Prince get here soon!

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