Tuesday, May 06, 2003


What did I learn after my attempt at evny yesterday? That Beth is far more sneaky than I ever gave her credit for. After some "That sure is a nice notepad Beth" from me she ran and hid it.... darn it!! Shan't continue with the Seven Deadly Sins tho... I don't have the time! Did break apencil today in solidarity!! :op

I went and saw X-Men 2 with Zoe yesterday. It was ssssssooooo good. I remember reading an article about how X-Men makes a great parody of gayness. This new film sure proved that! "Mum, I am a mutant" "Have you tried... not being a mutant?" he he...

You know some people know everything about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Well.... I know loads about X-Men (not as much as some but more than enough, no one , however, can surpass my X-Men 2099 knowledge! :op). So while people go to me... "Oh my God this is where Dumbledore goes..." or "And than the elves do this...." I can go... ."Did you just see that TV in the background... it had Dr Hank McCoy on it.. he is the Beast!!" or "No Jean Grey isn't dead.... she'll be back as the Phoenix next time..."

Then we went to mcDonalds and had a quick drink at Spoons.

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