Monday, May 26, 2003

Busy Bee

Yesterday I thought I'd be having a quiet day in with my DVDs and Millie cat. But no. It wasn't to be. Thank God!

Woke up this morning to find Nan, Uncle David, Beth's friend Amy and the annoying workmen from yesterday were in my house.

Gareth and Jon (Sandgate Jon) were heading back into town after a trip to London and I went down and meet em, had a cup of tea round Jon's before me and Gareth went down to Gee's. Very busy (that is for Gee's on a Sunday... there were at least five people in there!). Then we went for a drive up to the hills, where there seemed to be way too many walkers.... then down through some place called Hougham and up to the hills over Dover's East Docks. Very nice, thanks Gareth!! Got phone call from Sam. :o)

Gareth dropped me off in Folkestone and I wandered into Zoe's. She thrashed me at Street Fighter. Well actually it was more a cyber slaughter. Then John arrived, we went and picked Elliot up and headed for Ashford. Got to the cinema to find that our screening of Matrix was full, so we bought tickets for a later showing and headed over to Burger King. Mmmm... refillable coke.... there Elliot wearing a Tenacious D t-shirt and Burger King "crown" (you know the gold ones for children?) starting singing Justin Timberlake songs. Very scary. :o)

I discovered that I am slowly losing my mind as I kept having to remind myself I don't have magnetic powers (ala Magneto), can't create knives out of my hands (ala Terminator 2) and also can't dodge bullets (ala the Matrix). I have definetly been watching too many movies....

So we got into the Matrix Reloaded (no not the program the movie!) which was ok. Mmm... Keanu Reeves.

Got home, had no keys (the cleaner has mine now... hmmm..... annoying... ) woke whole house up, chatte don net to Luke for bit, then went to bed. Got up this morning. Uncle David still here. Amy appears to have mutated into a blonde girl, or just Beth has yet another new friend.

Can't get Cry Baby song out of my head.... please... kill me....

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