Friday, May 02, 2003

The Nazis Are Here

The BNP are now the SECOND biggest party on the Burnley council. Sure that only means a few councillors and there are over 10 000 English councillors. But still. It's a massive increase on NONE isn't it?? Something must be done. I don't believe that they or the Conservatives represent genuine fears about the asylum system. We are 10th in Europe for amount of asylum seekers we have per head of population. We are not a soft touch. Our benefits are punitive. And we happily let asylum seekers starve on the streets if they don't claim asylum at port.

What this is is the country finding a scapegoat. We have had the Jews, Germans, "coloureds", homosexuals and now asylum seekers. All cast as greedy, self serving, and disgusting. This is just because Little Englanders need to have an enemy without. Otherwise they might have to take a good hard long look at themselves in the mirror. And that is a scary thought!!

The Lib Dems have won Shepway tho!!! Yay!! And they thrashed the Conservatives!

I am talking politics way too much which means I need a boyfriend, who I can call funny names (like Honey Bear, and Gigglypoof), and go all goggled eyed over, and not think about anything other than him. Then I won't worry about neo-Nazis and Britain in general.

No holiday pay in my bank today... grr.... have become resigned to being poor till my pay day.

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