Sunday, May 25, 2003


OK. There is a pressing concern on all our minds. Britain's future within Europe. Here is where I stand. We must enter the Euro. We must end the "special relationship" with America. Still be their friends... just treat them as they treat us. We must befriend our European neighbours like never before. Maybe even go Catholic.

Why? So if we ever enter a song as truely awful as Cry Baby by Jemini into the Eurovision song contest again (die die baby is all I wanted them to do) we might still get some points and not look as stupid as we do right now!!!

Well done to Turkey, a fiendish use of belly buttons along with a catchy tune captured the show. And how, I repeat, HOW did Austria get so many points???

Just remember we have a cleaner now (so middle class it hurts me to say that) , and I keep leaving things lying around my room which I really shouldn't... my beautiful thing DVD, Gay Times, Will young calendar..... he he....

Thanks Zoe and coming and watching Eurovision with me... you're a star!

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