Saturday, May 03, 2003

Ooooo.... Weekend Test Shenanigans

Any one else having trouble accessing my blog?? AOL doesn't seem to like it although IE does. Very strange.

Have a look at my first Dano blog. So far it's thumbs up for this Dano malarky. Just hope all this new stuff ain't causing the problems I am having with this blog!!

You know with a Prime Minister like this I wish I lived in New Zealand.

Last night I went out with Zoe, John, Elliot and Laura to the leas Club. Laura had bought me an "I Heart New York" t-shirt back from NY city. Thank you!! Also saw Ellie there along with Alfa and Mat (eurotunnel bods).

I so should have done this

Ok I have a question for you... name me 10 leaders of countries outside the EU and the USA. Go on!!!

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