Saturday, May 24, 2003


I have been away for a while haven't I? Sorry just have not had the time to update!!

So Thursday, work almost sent me completely insane. Got home, got changed and then headed straight for Leas Club to see Becky. We chatted about life, love and gerbils. Don't ask! She is all loved up... bit like someone else I could mention. We made plans to meet up with Ben next week and go to Indigo *holds nose and refrains from puking*

Friday. God I have so looked forward to Friday all week. Work dragged on so much and I am going through the "I really loath customers" mood. I have applied to get off the phones and go into another team.

Then after much rushing around Folkestone to find my mum who had my keys I headed home, got changed, had bath, phoned for taxi who turned out to be same one I had on way home. I went to Central station, got stuck behind a French bloke in ticket queue, who was failing to comprehend that there was no train from London to Peterborough or somewhere after midnight. Does he really think we could compete with SNCF? Then I saw her blogginess, Emmsy!!! She was most gracious when presented with a coin stuck to station floor... and had Animal Snapz and a water pistol!! Cool! Stalked her till Dover when she got off train... *waves at Emmsy* then headed for Ramsgate and a trip to Gareths. Saw beginning of Big Brother 4. Looks crap. I am most disappointed. Did like look of Frederico... but they all look so boring. So very boring. Hopefully Frederico will spend all the time naked and speak in Italian. That might make it more interesting....

Had fab time at Gareth's who gave me a lift back to Folkestone this morning, bought Halloween and Aliens DVDs. Very cool. Got home to discover family missing and that a strange workman was fitting wooden flooring in the hall. How crass and populist. Ewww.... looks like Ikea without the meatballs....

Do you know what day it is? Oh dream of dreams... it's Eurovision tonight. Scorecards at the ready (Israel: nil point [stop killing Palestinians] as scored by Mum last year)

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