Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eurovision Semi Final 1 Live Blog

So it's been a year since we last did this Dear Constant Reader. Here we go again...

I won't bother with videos or song/artist names as they can all be found on my Eurovision page

20:00 I think this is going to be the strongest of the semi finals, with my three favourites all playing: Montenegro, the Czech Republic and Montenegro.

20:02 Magic horses???

20:05 Still no music... but at least we have presenters... can't be long before green room shenanigans start...

20:07 Let's start the show... FINALLY...


20:09 Sexy dancer, proper Eurovision song... :D

20:10 Hmm... not exactly singing so well though. Shame, good song.

Czech Republic

20:11 Gypsies!!! In Superhero costumes...

20:13 Maybe not going to win. Was I on drugs last night? Hmm..


20:15 Oops... he messed up.

20:16 Poor guy, can't sing tonight.


20:21 A proper ballad!!!

20:23 Liked this one. :D


20:24 well she can sing!


20:26 Erm... as Jim says "there's a fucking house somewhere missing it's curtains"

20:27 Hmm... the song is alright, but the costumes... wow, how Near Eastern!

Oh it must be the ad breaks as we are having an interview with Jade now...


20:33 I didn't know Geri Halliwell was from Andorra

Sweet song.


20:37 Cool ballad. Shame he can't sing.

Bill is also live blogging.


20:39 My other favourite, love the clothes, love the song, love the act.

20:42 YAY!!


20:43 Well usually I give nil points to Israel with my Mum's famous voting comment "Stop killing Palestinians" but this song has a good message so I'll be nice.

20:47 Oh God, it's the green room, although the annoying presenter in the green room is actually quite cute...


20:50 Stilts, capes, mullets. Bulgaria have truly captured the spirit of the contest.

Rubbish song though


20:53 It's a nice song. But it's a little boring. And can Iceland really afford Eurovision right now?


20:56 these guys are actually time travelers from the eighties...

20:57 Ooo... the drummer is hot!

20:58 Good stuff, found myself liking it for some reason


21:00 One hour in, and we get a song which would probably do ok on the UKs chart. Not bad, if not my sort of thing. Good for background music before a night out.


21:03 Oh noes. Eurorap.


Hmm.. not bad. Very easy to listen to.


21:12 well I always award 12 points to Malta!! Because they are always nice to us.

Hmm... again.. I quite like this. Surprised.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

21:16 Last song of the night :( Good but NO PASSION...

The songs tonight have, as Bill said in comments, not been awful. But a lot seemed to lack fun/passion/soul. :(

Now... the voting starts.... this will be interesting... new voting system!

Turkey, Belarus, Andorra, Czech Republic to go through please.

21:35 the voting is over... on with the results???

21:39 Steve tells me Tatu are on... and we get a boring segment about how Jade managed to bore the rest of Europe to death with our song. :(

21:42 Mmm... Sakis and Norways entry on the same sofa... wish Sarah would get out from between them.... *allows mind to wander*

21:47 Turn off your telly's! Don't watch our entry... just vote for it. PLEASE. But don't watch it's boring.

21:48 I'd like to give Dimitry an electric shock.

The winners are:

Turkey! YAY!
Israel. Nice.
Portugal. Random!

Jim's hoping Andorra

Finland. Eurorap. :S
Bosnia and Herzegovina???
Romania.. what!
Armenia... nooooo...


What about Macedonia or Montenegro?

Such a shame. Such a shame.

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  1. Was this the most boring intro ever, or what? I mean, ever since sound was added to TV?

  2. Very boring, but like Montenegro's dancer...

  3. I have the feeling I better could have skipped the whole beginning until Sweden's performance. So far I liked none of the songs. Perhaps Belarus then...?

  4. Hmm.. Belarus is a traditional Eurovision ballad, gotta love it!

  5. I think the Swedish singer pulled it off. When I saw her performance on the video, I was afraid she would fail terrible tonight. But she did not

    My favorite, so far.

  6. Yeah she did, even Jim liked it

  7. Oh, Andorra is pretty ok also. Just a simple pop song. And they look...well....cute....

  8. Yeah, like that one.... :D

  9. Switserland... lesson one: unless it is a hardrock song, or rap, the singer must be able to... sing.

  10. Yeah, but thank God for Turkey!!

  11. Turkey is one of my favorites this year! Although her singing was not that good. But the song is good!

  12. Song was awesome, agree singing not so good tonight

  13. Oh, hello presenter Dmitry! Can we skip one of the sreally bad songs and look at Dmitry?

  14. Much better than the previous Green Room presenters!!

  15. Bulgaria... we could have skipped THIS and watched Dmitry...

  16. Yes, or least he could of perform a strip tease on stage to the music.

  17. At least!

    Oh, Iceland has a really good song. I missed that when previewing the songs.

  18. Oh, the Finnish guy is...plain scary... can we switch to Dmitty for counter balance?

  19. Please tell me we didn't just go to the green room??? We've got some boring segment on here, please don't make me miss Dimitry!!

  20. Think there are few real duds tonite than I can remember in a while

  21. YES...we just had a lot of Dimitry time!! We want more!

  22. Bill: I agree, most are either average or good. Hopeful

    Steve: I'm so writing a letter of complaint about this!!

  23. That's it. I want Sweden, Andorra, Turkey and Iceland to go to finals!

  24. Oh no..an intermezzo... with Tatu... oh noes!

  25. Count yourself lucky! We have a segment on how we sent our act around Europe boring everyone...

    I'd prefer Tatu!!

  26. haha...well, send in your complaint together with the Green Room complaint!

  27. We got Green Room time now!!

  28. SO DID WE! YAY!

  29. Ok...Sweden and Turkey are through. Come on Andorra and Iceland!

  30. Hmph. That's all I'm saying. See ya Thursday!

  31. We're still on a revue of past and present Eurovision songs in Spain; it's quite a good show on one of the digital channels.

    Most of the entrants who got thru the 1st semi-final in Moscow tonite I can live with. I'm still rooting for either israel or Iceland - although like u I doubt Iceland could afford to host the thing next year (without IMF help).

    Now we're finishing off the show here with the Spanish entry for this year. Not a great song, I'd have to say and not particularly well sung - it blends Euro and north-African sounds so at least it's trying to be a bridge.