Friday, May 15, 2009

Eurovision: One More Sleep

For all the videos and songs of the contest check out this page.

So I'm keeping this post positive, moaning can wait until after the contest is finished. Instead... here's a look forward to who I really like:


If there is a song other than the UK's that I want to win, then it's Sakis Rouva's "This Is Our Night". Fun, well sung, brilliant lively performance and a stunningly gorgeous Sakis. I mean, how can you get any better? Well you could have lots of half naked Roman gladiators like...


My pick of the weird ones is "Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)" - Svetlana Loboda. Hunky backing dancers and a good tune. Gotta love it.


I haven't liked Turkey as much as since since Sertab graced our screens and won the contest. "Düm Tek Tek" - Hadise is really catchy.

Out of the non Semi Final countries my pick is:


Love the swing "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" - Alex Swings Oscar Sings

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