Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Genetics Lunch And Learn

Decided to treat myself today and took an hour lunch at work (I know, I really know how to party!). But it was all for a good cause, a very interesting presentation on genetics by Professor Gudrun Moore.

Despite the fact she claimed not to do presentations to us "lay" people often, she was both engaging and educational and whilst most of the information was already sort of known to me, she helped put it in to a context and it now makes a lot more sense!

Unfortunately an hour was simply not long enough, which was a shame. Excellent stuff though. My deepest regret will always be my complete lack of scientific ability (and thus total failure to pursue my zoological dreams), and little talks like this always make me feel wistful for biology lessons.

Only downer was one lady who was very much anti-abortion but didn't even know the constraints on when an abortion can and can't be carried out. If you're going to have that strong an opinion wouldn't be worth knowing your facts first??? Grr...

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  1. There are loads of popular science lectures going on, if you know where to find them. UCL has quite a few, as does the Natural History Museum and Science Museum. I can let you know of any that might interest you, if you like :)