Friday, May 01, 2009

Strange Dreams That Hold Us Together

I finally give in, it's about time I commit blogger social death and talk about a dream I had! 2069 posts and 8 years surely gives me permission??

So... Thursday night:

I dreamt Zoe and I (hi Zoe!) had gone to the cinema to watch a movie, I forget what it was, and afterwards headed to a pub. Said pub was a cross between my local, a country pub and Folkestone Spoons. We were "early" so went to our beds upstairs for a sleep. Zoe wasn't too happy and left as MT was sleeping on the floor and was using half her duvet and kept stealing some from her. He then did the same to me, but I encouraged this until we both got out of bed (relax there was only some weird angled leg rubbing, nothing too erotic in this dream [who am I kidding weird angled leg rubbing with MT is a bit like having sex with Spartan in my opinion ;) ]). At which point we discovered we were members of two rival families (think mafia, but less scary) and we began to argue (joined by some brat claiming to be MTs younger brother who was rather rude I must say and not welcome back round my dreams again)

I stormed off and found myself outside a bookshop celebrating "Lesbian History Month". Inside I perused a book about the 100 Greatest Gay People whilst chatting to a lovely old lady shop assistant about who was our favourite (consensus: Alexander the Great as we like a man in uniform). Afterwards I went downstairs and found Jim playing some sort of ball game. On the other side of a wall was his opponent who had so far won £22 off of Jim. He started to taunt Jim so I turned into a Stegosaurus and scared him off. Jim then turned into a Stegosaurus too and some bloke who was watching became a Triceratops and we all frolicked in a strange volcanic landscape for a while before I found myself at work.

Well I say work, it was more a set of desks on a pier directly next to a strange road which was like a loop the loop without the important top bit. My managers discussed how they had once scaled this mighty landmark whilst I developed swine flu and found myself collapsed over my desk at which point I woke up.


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  1. Interesting dream. I'm only dreaming of cheesecake and apple vodka! Your dreams far more interesting and much less fat!