Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Let's not pretend mice aren't pests. They are, and pests need to be removed and, sadly, that means killed. I'm fine with that. But Jesus... they aren't something to be scared of!

Jim is scared of mice but I put this down to a phobia and have never thought much of it. But work today proved how silly some people are.

The first sign was a scream from the other side of the room followed by a fleeing mass of people on wheely chairs. A mouse had been spotted. After 10 minutes or so of activity by the facilities department all was quiet until, from the other side of the room there was another scream and the tedious scenario repeated itself. Again. And again.

I saw the mouse. It was no more than an inch long body wise and barely had a noticeable tail. I've seen bigger beetles or even house spiders. But grown men were actually standing on chairs to avoid it.

Mice are not supernatural creatures. They will not come and attack a healthy full grown human. They are not likely to do much damage to you in the short space of time they appear out in the open. So why the screaming?

Personally I think the mouse was uber cute and I now feel bad that the pest controllers will probably have killed him by the morning. RIP Ickle Mouse. You shall be missed.

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