Friday, May 01, 2009

Having Money Is A Wonderful Thing

You know, getting paid my first monthly pay cheque (for a 3 week period) and knowing next months is not only going to be bigger but bigger than any pay cheque I've ever had (even more than when I was working two shifts at TVW from 8am to 11pm) is quite wonderful. EO seems so long ago and whilst this job isn't perfect it's sure as hell beats working at EO any day (sorry EO kids!). If I forget about the extreme lack of eye candy it's almost perfect. Happy Days indeed.

Today though the Government swine flu posters went up around the office, seeming to cover every surface. This lead to first cynicism and then fear, I tried to explain that the WHO had told all Governments to implement their flu pandemic plans which meant that our Governments plan was simply going ahead by the book but no one paid attention. Alas.

Spartan was on Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old? last night. This means my mood is even better than usual. Honestly he is divine!!

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  1. Yummy man on the floor! *drools* lol

    Nice blog!