Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mmm... Steak

I had a flexi day yesterday (a bonus I've earned for doing half hour lunches. I should earn about 2 of these a month on top of my normal holiday entitlement) so Jim and I went down to Lewisham and had a Maggie's breakfast. Mmm... always a fulfilling experience. We then went in search of American Comics, a nearby comic shop, but alas found it had closed down. :( We headed back up to Greenwich and Pets At Home to continue our bearded dragon research, followed by a quick drink in the pub.

After spending an afternoon at home we then proceeded on a late night eBay adventure (I wonder how many of these happen these days) to Chelmsford to pick up a vivarium, and to go in search of steak (Jim's current obsession). We got the vivarium but the steak proved elusive.

All in all a bit of a random day. So I'm "randomly" inserting this "random" picture of some "random" guy.

Oh look it's Spartan!! How random...

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