Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Busy Day

Sunday was random.

After a quick drink in the pub, we headed into Greenwich centre (erm... about two minutes walk from home so not really a trek) where discovered a worryingly high concentration of homosexuals. I think there was football yesterday which would explain it, as the Rose and Crown was heaving!

Negotiating our way through this gaggle of gays we made it to the Vietnam restaurant where we had plenty to eat (and my eyes had a feast too as a rather heavily muscled man was sitting at the table next to us yum!). After this we decided to take an evening walk through the park, and ended up on Blackheath where, rather helpfully, a fun fair had set up shop. It was quiet with half the visitors being... police officers keeping an eye on the 12 other people there. Obviously I avoided any ride that I deemed too fast (erm... all of them!) but did eat donuts (yes donuts not doughnuts, the sign said so) and ice cream and candy floss. And Jim drew a crowd of onlookers (and concerned police) as he shot down some targets (21 for 21) to win a teddy bear!! Well a pink and green gorilla...

Afterwards we returned home happy and full. Mmm...

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