Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Eurovision Week!!!

Boris the Bearded Dragon is no more! He is now Gibbs the Bearded Dragon, a renaming decision taken whilst Jim and I took a walk in Greenwich Park yesterday morning. Gibbs is, of course, named after the main character in NCIS, a show dear to Jim’s heart. He is amazingly placid, taking food from Jim’s hand and really not getting to stressed out even when things are being moved around in his vivarium. Based on the short experience so far it has to be said Bearded Dragons make great pets!

In a worrying move, I rediscovered Second Life yesterday. I had deleted most Second Life stuff from blog reader but Massively remained in there for some reason and it reminded me yesterday of my former obsession with SL. I spent the whole day yesterday ignoring Jim and Sling. I will try to control this as much as possible… thankfully this week there is a distraction….

It’s Eurovision week!!! Tomorrow is the first semi-final and so, for my sins, I’ve spent the evening listening to all the Eurovision songs so you don't have to! Here's my picks:

Bulgaria is very eighties, both in the song and the video, I quite liked it.

The Czech Republic's song is awesome!!

Ireland!!! I love you, finally it's a song that is not even REALLY BORING or stupid. Yay!!

Montenegro's song is the sort of song I'd listen to over and over on my iPod.

Poland's entry is surprisingly good.

is rather cool this year.

Turkey is one to watch. Crazy for you!

See you tomorrow, for the first Semi Final. All songs can be found on my Eurovision page

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  1. I hope it's fun. The german entrant was in the Oprah Winfrey show today, but the singer is American! So that's probably why!

    I have no power and it's not carried on the tv networks over here, so I'll have to reply on you to give me the run down.x