Saturday, May 23, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

After finishing work on Thursday, and silently saying a little prayer of thanks to the FSM, I came home to a little stress followed by a nice evening down the local.

My plans for a quiet day following a little stress at work were curtailed by an eager Jim who wished to seize the day so spent the morning in pet shops, toy shops and playing with the new kitten at the local (who is more than a little super cute).

Following that I headed into town and met up with the much missed JP and Vy. We had dim sum in a place just of Leicester Square, which was rather nice, and then spent a couple of hours wandering around the National Portrait Galley have a little too much fun and ended up being followed by a curator and even get evil looks when I suggested I didn't like Germaine Greer. Hmph.

Afterwards we had refreshments in the Crypt under St. Martins In The Fields. Finally we had a drink in Soho with JPs friend Wai before calling it an evening. All very nice and good to see JP and Vy.

Today my plans of enjoying a quiet day were half completed. I had a very quiet day but I did not enjoy one minute of it. Alas it is not a subject for conversation here, but nevertheless I daren't hope for much better before I return to work where the whole stressy thing starts all over again.

Darn it, depressed Jae is back. A very unwelcome guest indeed.

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  1. Sounds like at work you are being the stress-ee and ought to try being the stress-or. What are they doing to you? Using "England" wrong in a sentence?

    Hope your weekend ended on a peaceful note and the week ahead is stressless.