Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Behind The Front Lines

I think it's agreed... anyone caught sneezing (or in my case coughing) is quickly assessed as a danger. I have to admit on the tube home today even I was wary of the sneezers on the train, and even caught the eyes of one lady as she wiped her nose and she seemed even more worried than I was about her sneeze. This did not help me get over my urge to start walking to work (a practical impossibility alas).

Here in London it feelings like people's feelings are in flux caught between keeping calm and sensible based on the evidence and panicking like a mad person based on rumour and conjecture. We get a confirmed case of transmission on a tube train and London will grind to a halt.

But perspective is key, it's hardly anything to really concern ourselves with at the moment. More worrying are the stupid idiots being brought out of the woodwork who I mention on my other blog.

In better news I earned my first flexi day today (i.e. a day off because I've worked over my hours) and can't wait to use this new novelty following on from my rather large first pay cheque yesterday. Happy times for me!

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  1. I am amazed that they finally paid you! Will they do it again someday? What was the first thing you bought? Diet Coke, I bet.

    Have a lovely weekend.