Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cracks Appear

I've finally started to find the downsides of Plan B. At least two of the three managers appear to be icy, cold automatons hell bent on using their laser vision to burn holes into the backs of their staff's heads. Now hopefully this shouldn't be too much of a problem, I remember what everyone once told me about my last manager at TVW and her reputation but it turned out that if you are good at 1) meeting stats requirements and 2) kissing arse then you'd be fine and I was. ;)

The staff appear to be incredibly disheartened by the place but again the reasons for that seem to be a previous lack of training, experience and good higher level management practice, but that seems to have changed for the better now.

I spent the day listening in on the phones but got so bored of it that I persuaded Matt, the guy who has had to put up with me now for one and a half days, to let me have a go messing around on the system and I finally started to enjoy myself. I think he was a little shocked that even though I'd had no system training I knew my way around the system. What did he think I'd spent the last day and half doing? Day dreaming? No I was learning every key stroke in an effort to ensure that when I got a chance I impressed him. I'm no fool.

Sure this is Plan B, but we need to put things in prospective. This job is, for the first time in my working life, one which is actually to do with the course I was studying at Brighton University back when this blog began. I took the job because I had no other options and I really didn't think about the fact that this job might be the stepping stone I need to actually begin a career in the industry to which I once aspired.

But of course with that comes the nerves. I really want to ensure I keep this job and am desperate not to make a mistake. I'm only a temp and my position is this not secured. Fingers crossed I don't mess up, this company seems to be one I'd like to work for...


  1. That sounds good Jae. Keep up the good work.

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