Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sex At The Tube Station

Last night Jim and I had dinner around Gloria and Gus' house as they are soon to head off to Grenada for six months. I'm not jealous. Much. Caz was there too so it was sort of another mini "locals" night out. Gus cooked us some wonderful Caribbean cruisine, Jim will have to tell you what the pork was but it came with yams, sweet potatos, plantains and green bananas plus, of course, rice and peas. Mmmm.... it was gorgeous. This was followed up by much wine, a Crème brûlée and a homemade cherry cheesecake. I loath cherry. I LOVED THIS CHEESECAKE! That's how good it was. It was absolutely the nicest dessert in the world. I find a lot of cheesecakes have a citrusy sort of bite to them, but this one tasted fresh and delicious.

Anyway... today at work felt a little better than yesterday even though I sit in the middle of the room with no one near me as the other four desks on my pod are "broken" in various ways. :( On my trip home I nearly bit Lewisham's ear off, I was so pleased to talk to someone who wasn't a tenant!!

On the way home at Canary Wharf I did my usual trick and took a wrong turn in the station and ended up going out the Upper Bank Street exit. No one goes up that way. I saw one other person coming down the escalator. Compared to the chaos at the other end of the station it was like being taken into a different time and place. As I was about to get on to the escalator I saw a couple standing around the side, not quite out of sight. They were standing up, not even discreetly against a wall, and having sex. I obviously didn't stare but I have to say in the few seconds it took me to register what they were doing, I didn't get the feeling either party was enjoying themselves. Bizarre...


  1. We needed photographic proof really!

  2. I don't know why I want to know but gay or straight? B x

  3. Straight... *shudder*

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