Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Company

I've just starting rereading Company by Max Barry. I can always derive pleasure from reading books over and over again, Stephen King's It is read at least once a year for instance. Love it. Company is one of those books which really is amazing and stands up to repeated readings (even if it is stained with some sort of brown substance which concerns me somewhat...). It's so easy to read, hilarious and has a really quirky and interesting premise; what if you had no idea what the company you worked for did?

Speaking of which... having just started a new job myself I've begun to observe a few things about my new place of work. There's Tia (names changed to protect the innocent) an aging lady originally from the Caribbean whose booming voice fills the office every time she's on a phone call. There's Croydon who sits directly opposite me and spends her entire life just laughing. Willesden and I have been taking various, amusing multiple choice questions about Data Protection and the Disability Acts. Amusing because they feature such questions as "Which of these is not a disability:

1) impaired vision without correction
2) impaired hearing
3) pyromania"

Hmm... can I phone a friend??

Lewisham is enjoying herself quite a bit on reception and is desperate to stay there dropping not too subtle hints every two minutes whenever in a managers presence along the lines of "Oh I love being on reception" or "I think I could stay on reception forever and never get bored".

The sense of compliance at Plan B is worrying. As I was training on a different floor to my department today I came back to my desk at two minutes to five to switch off my computer. Switching off my omputer two minutes before five (when I had nothing else to do on it!) appears to have been a cardinal sin, causing some to let out a gasp and others to whisper warnings of what happens to those who break this rule.

A high level of fear seems to prevade the office, but I quite like that. It'll keep me on my toes and make sure I don't lapse into terminal boredom as I did at Euroffice.

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