Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Horror

Plan B is having a fancy dress party on Friday for Halloween. I won’t be attending, as fancy dress and Jae do not mix. I am still scarred from the time my Mum dressed me up in a box as the clock from “The Mouse Ran Up The Clock” and I had to spend the entire day at school standing up (although a few years back I won best dressed boy at work’s “School Days” day when I simply put on my old school uniform… yay!). The theme of the party is “Dead Musicians” and they encourage attendees to dress up as famous dead musicians such as “Kurt Cobain, John Lennon or Judy Garland” but with added zombie effects like white face paint and blood. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?

I can understand dressing up as a fictional character, such as Dracula or the Invisible Man, for laughs. Nobody is likely to be offended by Herman Munster knocking on their door for treats. *QUE MUNSTERS THEME TUNE*

Dressing up as a famous person, even those who are deceased, also seems like truly innocent fun. But dressing up as dead versions of those who have killed themselves, been murdered or died through addiction problems seems to me somewhat more than just simply macabre.

Would I be happy if I saw someone walking around dressed up as my Grandad’s rotting corpse? Or as my Auntie Melly with a pale face and drip tubes hanging from their body? No. So why on Earth are people actually encouraged to dress up like the dead body of someone who was not only real but has family members still alive? Will there be anyone doing a Heath Ledger this year holding a bottle of pills (well not at a Dead Musicians party but you know what I mean…)??? Or is just the long term dearly departed who get to be so disrespected?

Even as I write this I think I’m being a little harsh and somewhat prissy but really when you think about it, isn’t it a little disturbing? What do you think?


  1. Hey Jae,

    Just go to the party. But don't wear fancy dress. That way the management will see that although you don't take part in their semi-mandated religious ritual you are broad-minded, and way tolerant, enough to attend and share their friendship. And yes, knock back some free booze.

    Your social coordinator,

  2. Oh it's not mandatory and no one I like is going so I'm giving it a miss. Plus it costs money and I'm sorta skint. :D But if someone fun was going and I had the money of course I'd go dressed in my normal clothes, I'm not prejudiced!

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