Tuesday, August 02, 2005


As long term readers of this blog (of which there aren't that many as
they all read my livejournal now!) will know I have many obsessions...
MT (a boy of such a beauty that it physically hurts me to look at
him), cats, politics, history and Stephen King.

I have a very "addictive personality" which comes out in unexpected
and rather annoying ways. Sometimes it drives me insane, literally.
One of those times is now. I won't go into the nitty gritty but I have
got a fantasy (that's all it is, a fantasy non-sexual but fantastic)
and it won't go away. I start to believe that what I'm thinking might
be true, and battle this belief throughout each day. It drives me
wild. In a bad way.

Imagine looking up expecting to see something, while the sane part of
your mind knows it won't be there... I actually spent my lunch
yesterday avoiding a fantasy by sitting in the park on my own
listening to music...

Am I the only person who sometimes feels like this? Sometimes I think
the whole worlds sane... and I'm the only insane one...

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  1. I've met Stephen King. You'd think he would be weird, but he is a nice guy. I used to live in the same city with him. (Bangor, Maine) I love his work too, especially "The Stand". The book AND the movie!