Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gay Men of the World... Get Informed

Ok... who didn't know you could be hung for being gay in Iran? Please do not be afraid to tell me... Now if you are straight this is forgiveable... but I am constantly amazed by how little gay men know about the countries they visit and the regimes they support...

Now there are calls for Government warnings to be better. Now if you are too ignorant to know about the suffering and pain inflicted upon your fellow homosexuals in the countries you visit surely you deserve just about anything you get? People travel to foreign countries without learning the first thing about customs, laws or basic knowledge. These people may wish to live by the seat of their pants. Let them. I'm 22 years old. I know that travelling to Pakistan wouldn't be a barrel of laughs for me. I don't need any government to tell me this. I have lost any tolerance I once had for the ignorant.

Anyhow... personally we have booked the trip to San Francisco on the 28th September... fuck work... Let's go party (and possibly find the mayor so we can hug him)...

Yesterday Jim bought me new clothes and we had lunch in our favourite dim sum place. Ooo... and then we bought loads of travel guides for San Francisco....


  1. May God save us from our worst fears.
    In the name of Jesus Christ who bears our burden always.

    For the bereaved in New Orleans after the horrific hurricane Katrina.

  2. AH! Christian spam, based on bereavement for people that I don't even know (an idea that disgusts me [because we have no right to feel bereaved for people we do not know] and is an insult to those who are currently suffering because of the incident in the states.... I HATE FAUX EMOTION!)

  3. That's the problem with blogger, seems to be tons of spam going around. There was a programme on 5 tonite about how there's a lot of false emotion going around towards other unknown ppl, mainly ppl trying to make themselves feel better or whatever, not genuinely caring about those affected. Like this spam, using the tragedy simply as a means of advertising religion, how crap is that

  4. It's hard for me to see the suffering and devastation and not feel for the people. I felt the same way, when London had the bombs go off in the subway.

  5. Anonymous8:11 am

    Theres a difference between bereavment and sympathy. And I amhonestly sympathetic to those that were affected by the hurricane. I do sit and wonder about those that start to quote scripture and religion in times of disaster."We have the Lord to thank that so many of us where saved".....Really? Does that mean, then that those that die in these incidents deserve to?. Did the baby that burned to death the other day..deserve to as the Lord didnt bother to save it, or maybe he was on a lunch break, or days vacation even. When will these people wake up an realise that supreme intervention is not the only answer to why people die/survive.

  6. Of course we feel for the people involved. It would be heartless of one not to. But to make a big show to everyone about how much you feel for them, or to use the opportunity to promote your beliefs, is a bit shite imo

  7. those boys are cute, but what was 'V'????
    these boybands come and go so quick you don't get a chance to even hear them sing anymore.

    and yer.. God loves me when i'm on my knees but i love him even more when he's inbetween!

    luv ya jae u damn sexy thing.. hahaha!

  8. V were a rather shortlived boyband, who were very good in my opinion (i.e. I'd shag 'em). Saw them at Big Gay Out last year...

  9. I can't believe I missed the obvious pun about being well hung in Iran