Monday, August 29, 2005

Jae's Gaydar Strikes Again

I predicted Stephen Gately, and yes I admit... I predicted Mark Feehily too... according to this story he's gay and going out with the delicious Kevin McDaid of V. Oh I just love being right.... Especially when there's too very cute guys involved...

And neo nazis try to ruin Manchester Pride... fat chance you bastards!


  1. Hi there - nice blog.

    Not so long ago my boyfriend and I did the opposite to you - we moved from London to Dover.

    Hope everything works out for you

  2. Anonymous1:41 pm

    So back to this blog as your main one eh dude? Well, until you go back to LJ again, you've often said you're gonna finish with this one!!

    RE: Your 'final' post. Whenever you were doing all that stuff you say you 're missing now, you would complain that all you really wanted was to find a good relationship with a guy who you wanted to stick around with - and vice versa. Now you're in that situation and complaining about it... try to work out what you want!!! :)


  3. I think Stephen Gately is a cutie too.