Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jae and Jims Second European Tour Part 1

Friday: Arriving early at the airport, we managed to get priority boarding on Easyjet, due to me height, and we were pleasantly surprised with the service. The flight was delayed, and filled with stag parties making homophobic jokes about the air steward, but went okay... got to Prague, and got the taxi bus to the hotel... everything is still thankfully the same!!!!

We headed to Atmosphere, where Jim took a shining to the bar man, and had massive amounts of food and beer for a fiver. Love Prague. Then we went to Friends for a few drinks, had a meal at Karaclava, and then partied till midnight at Karlovy Lazne, where there was a crazy dancing dude who was soooo cool in a sad way...

So pleased to be in Prague!!!

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  1. you're in prague!! home of bel ami and others... say hi to lukas and the boys for me!