Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Womans Right

What with the strange things Michael Buerk has been saying and with a
particularly sickening Wife Swap on Monday I've begun to wonder if I'm
the only person who thinks men and women should be totally equal.

I don't mean equal but different. I mean equal. This whole gender
thing was created by hetrosexuals, who in my opinion should not be
allowed to deal with anything as they create chaos whereever they go
(see World War 2, Channel 5, and the oppression of homosexuals across
the last century). Men and women are equal, bar a few physiological
differences they are the same. All members of one race (the human
one). Why is it always a them and us thing? Why does everyone say
things like "well he is a man" and "I'll never understand women". If
you can't understand women you'd have to be a bloody useless
hetrosexual man!!! STOOPID.

Now I treat everyone the same, I hold doors open for anyone
(especially if they are cute....). I don't act any differently when in
mixed or single sex groups (cept obviously it'd be hard to find a
single sex female group with me in it, but you know what I mean!). My
Mum brought me up to respect everyone who deserves it, and she brought
me up with the view that women can do everything men can do...

Am I the only one???

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  1. The chances of that are very slim. How many people are in the world today???? 6-7-8 billion?

    We just have to face it though; 100% equality will not be seen in our lifetimes (or that of the next generation for that matter). There are a few differences between (heterosexual) men and women that are not physical; commonly speaking tendencies and reactions.
    People say "I will never understand women," and "Well, he is a man", because of these things. It's just a typical trait to the sex.

    That and we are by nature judgemental on others. By 'we' I mean the majority to date. Times do change though for the hopeful.