Thursday, August 18, 2005

Finally, a little out of the box thinking...

Anyone seen this story? What an idea! I've spent years bemused by well meaning conservationists. They seem determined to keep everything the same, allowing no change, or adaption. This is self defeating and will eventually lead to the end of the species they are desperate to preserve. I agree we should stop poaching, and killing. But let's not wrap animals up in cotton wool, and kill them slowly with our love.

The idea of transferring species would be one hell of a good way to kick start evolution, the short term effects are messy (as can be seen by the alien species all over the world) but ultimately nature will always find a balance if left to it's own devices. Even thought there's a 99% chance nothing will come of the idea, I'm glad to see some scientists are still pushing the boundaries.

One more sleep until Prague!!! So I shan't be posting as much... but as I will be in the Marriot in both Prague and Warsaw, with access to the posh lounge, I'll blog occassionally... but for now....

Jae Kay is Away

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  1. Grrrr...nice eye candy! lol, luv it!

    Have fun in Prague!