Saturday, August 27, 2005

PART THREE: Jae and Jim Take Warsaw...

We arrived in Warsaw at half seven in the morning after a 12 hour train journey... luckily Jim is a gold member at Warsaw Marriot so we could check in that early!!!!!! Had a wash, and a rest before we tackled the city's metro and headed first to the Monument of the Warsaw Uprising... a sombre memorial to one of the great acts of bravery of the second world war...then we wandered through the old town, to Old Town Square. Now considering this was all rebuilt after 1945 it looks amazing. People like to say Warsaw is ugly... they obviously didn't go to the right places. Some parts of Warsaw are awesome. We wandered slowly down past the Royal Palace, King Sigsmunds Column (every country likes to a see a hero's nice, big column...), the Presidents Palace, the touching Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, and strolled through the beautiful Ogrod Saski. A wander round the Palace of Culture (which we could see from our hotel room which overlooks it...) made us hungry and we headed to Champions Sports bar for the biggest burger I've ever eaten (800g!!!!!!).

Rested before heading to Nowy Striat and Sense Bar, where we stayed for the rest of the evening while Lukas the bar men randomly made us cocktails and added them to our tab... I have not been that drunk on very many occassions, and spent the night sleeping on the floor... I was annoyed with Jim for some reason lost in the blur of alcohol... Jim made a date with Lukas, but didn;'t keep it... slut... ;o)

Wednesday was thus a day of rest... all the previous weeks drinking and walking had caught us up and as we had done 70% of tourist Warsaw we had a quick wander, a KFC and retired to our hotel for movie watching, and then a meal on the 40th floor in the Panorama bar.

Thursday we headed across the Vistula to the Russian Market which was filled with shoe stalls... we quickly realised these were a cover for dodgy DVD sales.. mainly porn... straight porn... god darn it... a whole morning was spent there but nothing purchased. But as the day was sooooo hot most of the men were topless, and most of those men were quite hunky... so hey not biggy!!

Thursday night caught train back to Prague.

Friday we had a breakfast at Ebel again, before heading the plane station... finally got home at 7.00pm...

Today has been exhausting, but I'll tell you about that some other time....

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