Saturday, August 27, 2005

Part 2....

This is by no means a full account of my holiday, and pictures will follow shortly, but I thought I better write it up asap, so I don't forget too much!!!

Saturday we got up and wandered up to Hradcany for some Gulas and sun... we sweated like pigs on our way up the hill as it was soooo hot!!! Wandered back down to the Valdstejnska zahrada, some gorgeous gardens down in Mala Strana. Had lunch at Atmosphere (Jim and his thing for cute barmen!!) before wandering as fair distance shopping and then discovered the joys of Albert supermarket... we need one over here!!! On way spotted a mad crossing guard guarding the Charles Bridge crossing. He was so funny shouting at any one who dared look like they might cross the road. Went to a nice bar on U jame (didn't take the name God darn it!!) before visiting a restaurant on Vaclavske nam. which I forget the name of, but they did a 1kilo steak challenge... may have to try that when I go back!!!

Finished the night off in Friends.

Sunday we headed out of the centre slightly, and made our way up the TV Tower, which isn't as ugly as people say... had lunch up there before heading back to town and Muzeum which was excellent... they zoology exhibition was outstanding... Had a few drinks in a bar named Chateau before dinner at a lovely restaurant called Don Giovanni, before drinks at Friends...

Monday had breakfast at an Ebel Coffee House where we saw crazy crossing guy again! Explored Mala Strana some more, lunch at Atmosphere, drinks at Chateau, dinner at Sandwich King and then.... we headed to the train station... our sleeper to Warsaw awaited...


  1. your blog is like "Canned Heat" "I think I'm goin' Underground"... eek that was silly huh? I bet a lot of people drop Jamiroqui sayings on ya. Nice posts.

  2. :o) Thanks for dropping by, Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground