Sunday, August 14, 2005


It is now 80% certain that I will be heading to Osaka, Japan at the beginning of October bringing my total return plane trips in 13 months (October 2004 - November 2005) to 6!!! I'm sure I'll be way over my environmental quota of plane trips. Oh well... Japan! if we do go it'll be my first trip outside Europe. Awesome.

Just got back from a trip to Hemel Hempsted to look after the kids at their house. Jim made me watch the funniest movie I've ever seen... his wedding video. Really bizarre watching it tho, like looking through a looking glass to an alternate dimension. There was a slim (horribly so) Jim dressed in full naval uniform marrying a woman... crazy stuff!!!! The cameraman had spent too much time at media school... it was hilariously badly filmed.

Friday was fun, if sad. I liked Azin, she was funny. It's a shame to see yet another fun person leave... ended up with me a 3 others playing frisbee in the dark... none too bad.

Jim just came out to his Mum on the phone... OMG!!!! What an amazing step...


  1. I enjoyed my visit to Osaka a couple of decades ago. I wonder if you could pack me into your suitcase...

  2. You're welcome. I enjoyed reading, so I added a link. It'll be interesting to read about your time in Osaka.

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