Sunday, April 01, 2007

Smith And Jones: Doctor Who 3.1

Doctor Who Series 3 begun last night. It was good. But it wasn't anything spectacular and I'm starting to worry a little about the series direction.

Firstly Freema as Martha was awesome. I have a feeling I'm going to like this more grown up companion that she is portraying. She was strong, clever but suffering from a severe case of "family". Loved her. On a side note is "Did I mention it's a time machine?" the Doctors favourite chat up line? He used it on Rose and now on Martha. The saucy fellow!

Secondly. The plot was ok. Sadly it suffered from an extreme case of silliness. I love silliness, but I think the Doctor is meant to be the silly one. The plot is meant to be somewhat serious. Can I really believe that the Earth was going to be destroyed by a converted MRI machine, while the villain will survive because she is standing behind a screen?? We've had way too many of these idiotic plot devices over the last two series and at first they were sweet. But it's time to get serious, kids are not dumb! Start treating them, and us old style Dr Who fans, with a little respect. The straw was an acceptable wacky touch (DW is lovably wacky) but the MRI machine was one step too far.

Loved the Judoon and I liked Florence Finnigan (although I spotted the Doctor blood swap plot as soon as I realised what she was doing with Mr Stokers blood). I'm a bit worried about The Shakespeare Code, it looks a lot like Tooth and Claw (it's even the second episode of the season again!). If RTD is going to insist of quotas of certain types of episodes he could at least move them around in the showing line up just to make it look like he isn't??? Love you RTD, but try to shake things up a bit before everyone starts to be able to predict the plots.

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  1. Thank you for all the details on the new Dr. Who. I will never have to watch it now. It's like saving TV shows on the TiVo. You never have to see them. And when they get really old you can record right over them.

    Now it's time to do some more work in the garden. I am not nearly sore enough. Off to Panama on Sunday next. Watch for lots of cruise reports coming soon.

  2. Anonymous9:17 pm

    I did watch Doctor Who back in the days, but I never got the hype around it. Perhaps you can tell me.

    In case you thought you'd lost a constant reader (--> me): you didn't. Or you did, for a while, because of one nice skiing trip to France. [You could read all of it on my blogspot blog provided that you learn Dutch first ;) ]


  3. Kenyo, I have a strict policy against spoiler warnings!

    Steve hope you had a good trip! I don't do the Doctor Who hype, I've been a fan since 1994 so I watch it out of pure devotion.

  4. Jae, I wasn't being sarcastic I was pleased to learn about the show so next year when BBC America runs it here I'll know what the promos are about. All I watch on TV is the Weather Channel, the news (non-Murdock, of course) and Cash in the Attic -- if A.A. is on it, that is.

  5. For me Dr. Who will always be Jon Pertwee, 1970-1974, TEN YEARS before you were born! Are the British TV as rerun prone for you folks as they are for us? Do you know the Pertwee Who?

    I will always remember him humming to himself, whilst playing with a Tardis, or himself perhaps, 'Daddy wouldn't buy me a Bow Wow...' And that will be running through my head for a week or so.

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