Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Shakespeare Code: Doctor Who 3.2

Episode 2 of Doctor Who Series 3 was on last night; as usual it ticked all the boxes. I am really beginning to love Martha. I will admit it took me a long time to accept Rose as a companion (probably because I am an old time Doctor Who fan with all the preconceptions that brings). But Martha I've taken to quickly. She is very much a strong woman, and when someone is in danger she's running just as quickly as the Doctor to help them. This is probably due to the character having a medical background, it wouldn't really be believable to have her standing to the side ineffectually when someone collapses in front of her.

The story wasn't bad either. Shakespeare as played by the rather dishy Dean Lennox Kelly to great effect. Only let down was the sci fi explanation for the witches, couldn't they just have been witches rather than aliens from the beginning of the universe. And note to self: never take a vacation to the beginning of the universe it sounds like an horrendous place, with the Racnoss and the Carrionites among the inhabitants. Eek!

I just loved the ending when Queen Elizabeth turns up and starts screaming that the Doctor is her mortal enemy and chases Martha and him back to the TARDIS, much to their confusion. It's nice to see that kind of thing from time to time, the Doctor has met pretty much everyone so he is going to be recognised occasionally!

David Tennant was his usual genius self.


Now people (Jim stop reading here, I forgive you!)... after the episode I went onto the the Gallifrey One forums and had to resist leaving nasty messages for people. Some suggested that having pissed off both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria the Doctor only needed to annoy the current Queen to get a complete set. I think that said people think that England and Britain have only had three queens. If we ignore the Scots (sorry!) there's been Empress Matilda, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I, Elizabeth I, Mary II, Anne, Victoria and Elizabeth II (I'm sorry but Queen James I doesn't count!). Considerably more than 3! Cretins! Others asked whether Victoria was an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth I (and yes they really meant that, they said something like is Queen Elizabeth descended from that Queen the Doctor pissed off last season). I can forgive not being able to place your own country on a map, I can forgive not knowing about the War of 1812 or about the role of our Empire in the second world war. But I cannot forgive not knowing the Kings and Queens of England and Britain. Does it really take more than a minute to check this stuff on Wikipedia??? No... so no excuse... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Who can name all the monarchs since Henry VII? No cheating!
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  1. Good for people to know.

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