Friday, April 06, 2007

Britain - How Did It Come To This?

Does anyone else feel like Britain has allowed itself to be fucked over by the Iranians? They abducted 15 naval personnel, used them for their own purposes, made a show of strength and then released them "as a gesture of goodwill" (i.e. We fucked you over, and don't forget it). What did we do? Nothing.

Now I don't blame the personnel for cooperating with their captors. According to our Navel Correspondent Jim, this is standard operating procedure. What I do have problems with is the anaemic response from the Government and the dangerous loss of face for the country.

People are congratulating the Government for avoiding a conflict by not being aggressive. What I don't think they grasp is that a conflict has been avoided for now, but the loss of face we have suffered means it's more likely other countries will take the piss and eventually a conflict will occur.

Let's look at our history. After withdrawing from the Empire and the Suez Crisis Britain lost it's way in the world. The lack of a will to show we would defend ourselves left the Argentinians with the opinion that they could just invade the Falklands and we wouldn't do anything about it. Nearly 1000 people died because of our failure to make it clear we would use force to protect our people.

Other countries have seen that an aggressive action against British forces will not be punished in anyway. Have we punished Iran at all? Diplomatically? Financially? No. Has Iran's standing increased? Yes. They are shown to be a strong, no nonsense defender of their borders (let's not get into the whole debate over where the Brits were).

Now the idiotic people of this country are moaning about the conduct of the captured men and women. Who cares? They did what they had to to ensure their survival. I would expect nothing less. What really matters is what our Government didn't do, the shame of what Iran has done to us. This focus on the people rather than the politics is just another symptom of this countries twisted logic that will ultimately lead to some despot fucking us over big style.

Oh how easy it used to be

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  1. And once Greece used to dominate the whole world and have Kings all over the world and now we are a small sad country .. :-)

    Britain's time is over as an empire, now the US control the world.

  2. I don't want the Empire back. I just want our country to be able to defend itself and not take any rubbish from some horrid regime like Iran.

    If the Turks stole 15 Greek troops I think Greece would have done more than we did!

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