Friday, April 06, 2007

At The Car Wash

Today. After some Hot Cross Buns Jim and I went to the hand car wash in Lewisham, just under the railway bridge. Jim had recommended it as it is staffed by some lovely Polish blokes. And it was indeed eye candy heaven. First off we were treated to a good scrubbing down my a large armed hunk before some cute slim guys cleaned the insides. We stood behind them so that were out of the way (and had a good view of their arses). I would have paid just to visit, the superb cleaning the car we got was just a bonus! That large armed bloke is going to be in my dreams for quite some time!

We then headed to Tesco's. Dear Lord! Does anyone ever think about other people? Trolleys just thrown into the trolley bays (I tidied them up), people just spread out across aisles with no thought for others getting past and others just standing around as if Tesco's was some kind of community centre for the intellectually challenged. My number one rule in my public life is to think of others in every action I make. Whether it's where I stand on the train or having my money ready when I reach the checkout I think life is so much nicer when you try to not cause trouble. Hell truly is other people.

I have just checked out all the Democratic candidates for President's political views and I don't like any of them! I am glad I don't live in America and have to decide between that abysmal bunch or vote Republican (eek... I just felt my stomach turn in revulsion).

Not that things are going to be much better over here. We've gonna have (probably) Gordon Brown versus David Cameron. Talk about a rock and hard place. The Lib Dems it is for me again (being a card carrying, but reluctant member). Just wish they would get off their arses here in Greenwich (and get Lynne Beaumont as their PPC in Folkestone, she rocks!) We need a Libertarian Party!

Dream ticket: President Al Gore and Prime Minister Menzies Campbell. Imagine the good things that could get done with a team like that! Let's start a transnational campaign for the Gore/Campbell ticket!

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  1. Oh Ok I'll join the campaign, but I'd rather go for Hilary Clinton and Ken Livingstone dream team :o)

  2. How fab! Can you give me the address? I'm in need of a good servicing....fnar fnar!!!

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