Saturday, April 28, 2007

Earthquake in Folkestone?

Earthquake or Explosion?

Just checked up on my family who say they are fine. Mum was in the bath and the shaking began and got worse, it lasted at least long enough for her to get out and be out of the bathroom so that's a fairly long tremor. Everyone there is fine, some of my aunties and uncles home have damage, and ornaments have fallen over.

See earthquake details here.

Mum is heading to Maidstone but says huge search and rescue trucks are heading down the M20. I hope everyone in Folkestone is safe and well.

Remember 1580!

UPDATE: Have heard from friends and family, looks to be fairly minor structural damage, as always the people of Folkestone are spreading rumours about all sorts of crazy stuff and some have taken to their cars to see the damage around town. Just what the emergency services want... TRAFFIC! The people of Kent are sometimes very annoying...

Last night I headed into work (I had the day off!), collected the girls from the suppliers who were down for the day and escorted them through London to their hotel in Regents Park. Waited there with them in the bar until half 7 when we headed out to a restaurant to meet back up with the rest of my department. It was Bertorelli Covent Garden.

The service was appalling. It was slow and the waiter who took our orders didn't serve them so the waiter who did had to guess 1) what the food was and 2) who it was for.

By midnight as we headed into a shifty looking club I gave up and went home. A club with bouncers and queue is so beneath me. No thanks!


  1. Glad to hear the Folkestone family members are unhurt and their homes are not badly damaged.

    Did you feel it in London?

    We used to live in Los Angeles and went through the big one, 6.7, in 1994. We were six miles from the epicenter and had less damage than people living 30 miles away. It's like ripple on a pond.

  2. No I didn't feel it here in London. Now I know no one was hurt I can say safely that I am very annoyed to have missed it. Grr...

    6.7? Would make the Kentish Earthquake feel like a ripple on a pond!

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