Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Will Christians Ever Learn?

Watching BBC news and a vicar comes on and talks about the proposed laws I've been writing about today. He tells us he loves everyone be they a drunkard, a thief or a "gay" and wants to bring the gospels to them.

One) I hate the term a gay or gays. 99% of the time those words are uttered by a homophobe more used to saying "queer" or "batty boy" than calling us human beings.

Two) he compares us homosexuals to drunks and thieves??? Did he really just do that? I am a law abiding, intelligent (humour me here...) human (and here) being who (barring my inate and highly dangerous clumsiness) doesn't cause a fuss. I am not the same as someone suffering a problem with alcohol or a criminal. I love men. I cannot change that (hey I used to try to find women attractive, no sane person wants to be gay when they first discover their sexuality, who would choose to be discriminated against and hated?).

There is nothing wrong with being (a, shudder) gay. Nothing you can say can convince me there is. I've never harmed anyone, unlike thousands of hetrosexual men who think getting into fights is a natural part of life. Why am I insulted, belittled and compared to a criminal???

If I ever meet that vicar I will have to reconsider my anti violence stance. How dare he suggest my sexuality is akin to criminality. Who the fuck does he think he is???

Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Get religion out of politics. Get it out of public services. Get the priests grubby little hands off my tax money. I've had enough of their arrogance and want no more part of their crazed religious delusions about miracles, dead people coming back to life and an all powerful God. Keep your insane beliefs to yourself.

Hmm... I could probably be sued under those Religious Hatred laws now. Funny how the religious don't mind us gay men having to be nice to them. HYPOCRITES.

If these new laws don't pass I am going to start lobbying for an end to a ban on discriminating against someone based on their religion. Fairs fair.

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  1. You can try all you want. You can try to talk sense into people until you're blue in the face, but people are people.

    It's funny how most "Christians" talk about how they should love one another, etc. and then turn around a minute later and spread hate, fear and discrimination in God's name.

  2. Jae, as usual you have hit the nail on the head, as it were. The "I love all sinners" approach doesn't pass the smell test for me. And please, Mr. Holy Person, don't compare me as a gay person to drunks and criminals, thank you.

    Remember a few months ago when the Pope said bad things about Muslims? And then he apologised by saying he was sorry. He said he was sorry they got so upset by his comments.

  3. Anonymous9:11 am

    Why you hate religion so much?
    You should understand that all humans need somenthing in which they can believe.If you don't like religion don't think about it , but when you talk so bad of religion, I as a gay believer feel ofended.

  4. I wouldn't think about it except some religious people think they have a right to be excluded from the laws of this country, some religious people think it's acceptable for them to run state schools (which by the way I pay taxes towards!) and we still have a state religion in this country.

    So I will think about religion until it stops interfering in my life.

    I don't hate religion. I hate the crazies who believe their religion has any relevance to me.

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