Sunday, January 07, 2007

Up To No Good

Friday was Natasha's last day at work. :( This means I am the last person in customer service who is not a manager to have joined in 2005. I really, really have to leave soon before I go insane. I'm pretty unhappy with my job at the moment.

To drown our sorrows we all headed to the Riverside for some drinks, where I talked shit about comics and smoking. Did actually speak a little with the new girl which was good as I haven't really "clicked" with her yet.

On the way home I got bored and lazy so I foolishly took a trip to Lewisham and rather than walk home from there got the DLR. This was a mistake. Before we'd even gone two minutes a fight had broken out between all but two people in my carriage and the conductor. The two people not involved were a girl sitting opposite me and... myself!

It all started because a girl pushed onto the train as the doors were closing. The conductor told her off (trains are every 5 minutes after all) and then asked for her ticket. She didn't have one. So her told her he'd be leaving her at the next station. She argued and he said the train wouldn't go on until she left the train. This is when some drunk men (respectable, grown up guys some in suits) decided to "defend" her and started pushing the conductor.

The conductor got off the train and before we could do anything a voice came over the tannoy "This is Control. This train is now terminated." Joy... so we had to get off and go round to the other platform and wait for another train to arrive (travelling on the wrong side of the track causing immense disruption!) all because some frigging idiots were too stupid to admit the conductor was in the right. I'm glad that girl was on the train with me, as she reminded me that we were the only sane ones.

Saturday I headed back to Folkestone via Forbidden Planet in London. They had no Doctor Who magazines! But they have them in Folkestone WH Smiths. So much for greatest cult shop in the country! Anyway. Meet Zoe in Wetherspoons for lunch which was nice. Haven't been there in a long time. Same as ever except they have replaced the seating. Finally!

After that we took a trip to her flat which was HUGE and then headed to Ashford Cineworld (I know, this is a trip down memory lane here!) to see Happy Feet. I don't want to say this was a bad movie. It wasn't. However, it was weird. Okay. I can accept animals talking. I can accept them singing. I can accept them dancing. But this movie seemed to have some deeper meanings and I can't quite see whether it was a kids movie trying to be more or something more trying to be a kids movie. It didn't quite fit right. But entertaining nevertheless. Animation was awesome.

Zoe dropped me home and I had dinner with the parental units before heading back out to see Laura and Sam at (drum roll please)... the Leas Club. Again same as ever. Again changed carpet and seating (yay!). Sam brought along Mike (good eye candy) and Laura brought Zoe G (she of many drunken clubbing hugs of old) . It was a cool night that went by so quickly. It also brought my pint consumption this weekend into double figures. Eek.

Today had a fry up at home, made a fuss of Angel cat then got the train back. I am always amazed at people not know how trains work. I sat at Westenhanger station (called a station only because trains stop there... they don't do tickets, people or announcements) and watched a family of morons walk up and down the station while the mother tried to tell them all that the timetable was where she was. None of them listened. They would walk up to her, then back to the blank arrivals screen (hasn't worked since the eighties) and back again. I was just desperate to tell them that the train would get here when it got here and they should just bloody sit down. Grr....

Home now after briefly chatting with Terry from school at Waterloo East. Random. I smell of cigarettes. Roll on the smoking ban (even though I'm against it!)

Go check out the World of Mike Nutworth

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  1. Thank you Jae, for the newsy post. We do love our updates on your whereabouts.

    How is the fitness program coming along? We are all panting with excitement at the thought of Jae shirtless. Perhaps a countdown clock of some sort would be heplful? It would be motivation for you and, for us, something to look forward to in our bleak lives.

    Good luck with the job search in this New Year. And of course you could go back to the Uni.

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