Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Blogger Why Do You Torment Me So?? Snow! Yes people this morning I woke up to a good few centimetres of snow, right here in the middle of London! That's not something you see every day. So cool Work is poo at mo. I sent an email to tell everyone to leave me alone so I could get on with my project. Fat chance. My boss was away so I was in charge and work just went mad. So I had to stop my project again and help out. At this rate I'll be working all weekend. Oh didn't I tell you? I now have a laptop at work... oh how important I feel!!! So I feel a bit crap now. Thank God for Jim, he gives me something to look forward to on the way home.

It's all about faith for Christians isn't it. Christian Magistrate goes to employment tribunal.

Mr McClintock told the Mail that he only knows one or two gay people, but that his experience as a father of four informs his belief that only and man and a woman should raise a child. "The Bible teaching is that same-sex sexual relations are wrong and I agree with that. My friends include a rabbi and a Muslim woman who both agree," he told the paper.

His experience as a father of four tells him homosexuality is wrong?? What about Jim's experience as a father of four??? I hate people quoting parenthood as some kind of unique knowledge giving experience. Trust me, many idiots get to be parents. It isn't a very special institution. And with friends like that what do you expect them to think??? Bizarre. Oh let's all just get exempt from the law shall we? I think I should be allowed to not pay taxes. I don't believe in paying taxes see. I find them quite offensive. And I quote from my Holy Book (come back to what you know)
"Thou shall not pay taxes" Post 1255 Dated 24th January 2007

So it must have some value.

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  1. Great post! I visited London at 13, with my family. I lived it, but haven't been able to return since.

    Barry's Best 2007 -
    The Price of Rice! -

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